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Meet your Sales Manager, Quentin.

A Little About Quentin...

  1. What’s the most exciting part of your job? I love speaking with customers. If they are having a rough day and we can help them out plus have a laugh, I feel proud of providing quality parts and a quality experience that improved their day.

  2. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? As a kid, I wanted to be an over-the-road truck driver. My family would drive down the interstate and I would call out all the brands of trucks before my parents could even see them.

  3. What’s something you’re proud of? I am proud of my children. They are growing up so fast and are at fun ages where they're getting involved in sports. Growing up, I never really thought about being a father but I wouldn’t change it for the world. As their dad, I can’t help but smile when they do crazy things - which is also probably why my hair keeps disappearing!

  4. Do you like traveling? Yes, I love to travel, especially to visit places that highlight the beauty of Mother Nature. I don’t get to travel as often as I would like though.

  5. What’s your favorite season? I am a snow dog at heart. I love the winter time and being outside. Some of my best memories are of hunting when it was 30+ mph winds, snowing, and extremely cold temperatures. I like to drive around and look at the wonder of nature. I'm fascinated by what the wind can do to the snow.


Phone: 800-247-5391

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